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It exaggerated our flaws, dug deeper into darker corners of our souls, and built higher fences between us. All while delivering the gift of more time. Time, given that continued to be relative, unlimited, and irrelevant.

First, we used this precious gift to “do” more: more social media entries, more complaints, more gossiping, more panicking, more baking, more DIY…downloading, shopping, drinking, eating, exercising, suffering, depressing, sickening, advising…. all a bit more.

We distract ourselves by patching holes and painting one more wall in our prison, sorting out old papers, and organizing wardrobes. …

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My little nephew died of an aneurysm days before his 12th birthday and life will never be the same. For my sister and brother-in-law, celebratory days such as birthdays and Christmas became painful reminders of their loss.

As Christmas day comes closer my sister withdraws into her shell of a forever grieving mum. Still, with oceans between us, I get hit by the sorrow of her heartache.

I’ve never attended my nephew’s funeral. I was weeks away from giving birth to my second child and unable to fly the 5000 miles that separated us. My nephew was also my Godchild…

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I was reading Katie Acosta story “Breastfeeding Shouldn’t Be This Hard” and it made me reflect on that. Even though we don’t share the same background and live in different countries, it still resonated with my personal experience. The lack of support from health care practitioners and the vulnerable place she encountered herself in reminded me of my past circumstances and, most recently to the ordeal of some of my friends in Ireland, proving that the lack of adequate health care services affects all of us universally.

Katie described how social-economic grounds can make breastfeeding easier and doable. I would…

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If you have to pick a single word to describe home what would that be? A word that would mobilize your senses, contextualize history and bring long lost memories to life? A word that could instigate feelings, thoughts, and shape your reality? My word is coffee.

Brazil is the land where the coffee exports were already 40 million dollars in 1872 reaching 2.8 billion dollars in 2005 and the business keeps growing. The coffee trade has played a big part in our economy and politics but most of all in our culture. It provides us with daily moments of connectedness…


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I have been away for quite a while. Myself: a woman from Brazil; working-class born; hungry for change and curious for life has been lost.Taking steps away from myself, getting further and further from where I belong. Not only for the 18 years I have been living abroad but for most of my life.

Maybe this explains why I have admired, from a deep place in my soul, the linear lives of people placed on this earth to grow ever so gracefully. Every birthday is another step up on the personal ladder of solid achievements, even…

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Ideally, once you are ready to fly out of the nest someone will be there to see you out, give you a hug and let you know the doors will be always opened for you to come back. It’s a bittersweet feeling when you get on that plane to the unknown freedom of adulthood. So many people will cross your way but only very few will stay, thus adding to the ones you have left behind.

Believe or not the thought of that spare key under the fern pot on your mother’s porch will keep you warm inside, especially on…

I’ve told you already about my struggles trying to find a career path that allowed me to provide for my family as well as exploring my creative aspirations. For a long time, it seemed like a dream out of reach for just an ordinary person like me. I was very wrong about that. If only I knew then that I could never have the perfect job as long as I was in place I did not belong.

At 29, I was recovering from myocarditis (inflammation and damage of the heart muscle) that nearly killed me, getting a divorce and trying…

I am a mum of two beautiful boys. The eldest is a smart fifteen-year-old, a competitive athlete — and a real chatterbox. The youngest has just turned 6, he is very observant, loving and full of joy. He was diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) at 4 years of age, here in Ireland where we live.

I have resisted writing about his diagnosis for while for two reasons. First of all, I wanted to be ready, to be 100% honest about my experience and secondly, to have enough knowledge to pass on correct and constructive information to readers.

Patricia Shetter…

I am trying to make sense of why I deactivated my Facebook account and started to do things that are really good for me instead. Like writing to you.

The fact that I started to spend far too many precious minutes online and had developed a growing need for sharing pictures of my meals, had little to do with it. I decided to take a break as I felt that using Facebook was inhibiting my ability to make wise decisions.

I have no idea how marketing strategies for social media are developed. I do fantasize about it and as I…

Do you know someone that can cook a meal worthy of a Michelin star (or maybe half) — with whatever is left in her fridge on a Friday night? A person who writes articles on the go (and hardly publishes) and does a 9–5 job in technical support? Well, you do now! I have worked in restaurants, worked as a caregiver, as an IT instructor, pre-school teacher and still counting. What I did not know, until very recently, is that people like me are called multipotentialites!

As Emily Wapnick from explains, a “multipotentialite is someone with many interests and…

Dani S

BA in Journalism. Psychotherapy student. Engrossed in motherhood, relationships, ideas and all their challenges. I write to stay sane. Aiming to be congruent.

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